Books For Ham Radio

   I am a Ham Radio Operator with my General License. The one thing I have found is there are books associated with Ham Radio for all different kinds of subjects. There are many books on building various antennas such as Moxon Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Quad Antennas and many more. One of the easiest to build and does a very good job is the wire Dipole Antenna. So if you are in the Ham Radio Hobby and you like building your own antennas buy some books on them. There are also plenty of Ham Radio Websites out there with tons of information on building antennas. Here are a couple of links to some good websites for building Ham Antennas and .
  Another part of the Ham Radio Hobby is obtaining your various Ham Radio Licenses. Yes there various Ham Radio Websites where you can study the material and take practice tests before you go and take the actual test. I did that with my Technician License and then for my General License. I also had some old books from Radio Shack that were based on Gordon Wests books. My advise is to buy the different books for reading, learning and studying for the Ham Radio License you are going to get. Just remember they go in this order Technician, General and Extra. You can buy just the study book or an audio cd with the course and I believe it has a cd that you can install on your computer to practice taking the tests. There are other books available for studying as well such as the ARRL books, which are very good as well as many more.
  There are plenty of other books in Ham Radio such as Shortwave Radio Listening, Log Books for keeping information on your contacts, ARRL Manuals with all kinds of information. There are books on learning about Ham Radio and how it got started. You can also find technical books on repairing your Ham Radio Equipment and Troubleshooting it when something goes wrong. You can also find books on learning how to speak on Ham Radio and what the different kinds of Jargon and Q-Codes mean. One thing I would recommend is buying one of the books on learning all the rules and regulations of Ham Radio from the FCC.
  Well That's all for now and Remember CHRISTMAS IS GETTING CLOSER.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s.