Favorite Books For The Young And Old

  What are the favorite books with people today one may ask. Well in my day it was Grimm's Fairy Tales or Aesop's Fairy Tales. In fact I can remember watching those cartoons every Saturday or Sunday morning. Yes getting up early, eating my toast and watching those funny cartoons. I remember the Grimm's Fairy Tales from a book that my Aunt had. I seem to remember sleeping over with my cousins and maybe my Aunt reading those stories to us. If I remember right there were little cut out characters that were elves at the top of the wall in my cousins room. That really goes back a long way.
  So at the present day what books are really popular. Well I think most everyone might know the answer. Yes today it seems to be the Harry Potter books. It all started with the Harry Potter movie and has just kept going. Every time I turn on the television all I see is Harry Potter. They are the kind of books that children love to read, because it takes them with their imagination into another world. I know when I have watched the movies I get somewhat captivated by them and want to watch more. All in all I would have to say these are just well written stores that will be told for generations to come. It's like watching Scrooge every Christmas, where it has become a tradition with me.
  Another one of the newest popular movies that have come out and is in a book is the Hunger Games. It is becoming another popular book and I am sure there will be a series of them. They have already come out with two movies. The Chronicles Of Narnia is another popular title in science fiction and fantasy. It is yet another book that will take the reader into another world and get you to expand your imagination. There are so many books in this category you will just have to search for yourself and decide which one makes you feel happy.
  Thank You for reading and have a nice day.