How Do I Repair My Computer Or Upgrade It

  Everyone who owns a computer should know how to do general repairs. You should also know how to upgrade your own computer or at least know what to ask for if you take it to a computer service center. My advise to anyone is if you are not comfortable with changing components in your computer then by all means take it to a professional computer service shop. I would just suggest that before you take it anywhere check on the internet for good and bad reviews on the service center you may have found. You are the buyer and you should always protect yourself.
  Okay back to the subject at hand. There are plenty of excellent books available through either and Ebay. You can find books on Troubleshooting Desktops and Laptop Computers. Generally these books also cover Repairing Desktops and Laptop Computers as well. As I looked through the lists of books I noticed that the reviews all looked very good for the most part. I would also recommend finding books on upgrading your computer. You can go to the manufacturer of you computer such as Dell, look up by the service tag number on the back or side of the computer and insert it in the proper space at Dell Support. You can look up the specifications on your particular model desktop or laptop. Other manufacturers have the same procedure, but may go by the serial number.
  Troubleshooting Desktop and Laptops are pretty much the same routine. The only difference it that taking a laptop apart can be very tricky due to all the screws involved and plastic catches that can be brittle due to age. There are some books available on taking laptop computers apart. I would also suggest looking on youtube, because there are videos on how to take a particular brand and model apart. It's always very important to get a visual procedure on what to to. I also use this when I am working on Electronic Components such as a Television, Stereo, Cb Radio or Ham Radio.
  Along with Troubleshooting, Repairing and Upgrading Computers come the building of primarily Desktop Computers. With Laptop Computers there is very little to upgrade. Most Laptop Upgrades consist of upgrading Memory, Hard Drive, Maybe a Microprocessor and a Video Card if the Laptop has a separate video card . You usually see video cards in higher end laptops or in Gaming Laptops. Desktop Computers can have almost anything upgraded from a power supply, memory, processor, hard drive, video card, sound card, dvd burner, blueray player, motherboard, card reader and even the computer case itself. It should be noted that most upgrades can be done with respect to what the motherboard can handle.
  I would use the amazon store below the posts to search for whatever book or books you are looking for. Usually there is an Ebay search off to the right of the posts. Otherwise I would search online or at your local bookstore. Remember Christmas is right around the corner.
  Thank You For Reading and all comments are welcome.