Well I Have Decided To Do A Blog On All Kinds Of Books

  I think everyone at some time will buy a book for some reason. I have been buying books for years ever since I was a young child. It may have just been a child's story book or even a comic book. Either way we always have books at some time. I remember having to buy a book in school and even when I was in college. I have bought books for religious reasons as well as books for learning something such as Ham radio. It just seems like it is something we all will be doing throughout our whole lives.
  I think the buying books is just our way as human beings to feed our brains. We just need to absorb as much knowledge as we can. Books can take us to an imaginary world where we can just get lost. We can dream about places where we want to go some day. Reading books may start someone on a career path for becoming a writer your self. maybe someday you will become a teacher and enjoy reading a story to your class. I remember when I used to read stories to my children when they were young. Just to watch the look on their faces as I read something like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.
  What you will find is that there are books for all kinds of subjects. Maybe you need to repair something or maybe you want to build something. I remember buying music books for playing the guitar for some of my favorite artists. I still have all the books from college when I went for electrical engineering. I guess I have created my own little library with the books I have bought through the years. Well that's what this blog is about, books and learning from books.
  Thank You for reading and I hope you will enjoy my blog on books.