Are You Looking For Cheap Books About Religious Topics

  You can go to any book store and you can search for books on various religious topics. Today's hot topics are obviously on the subject of the end of the world or end times. The only issue is that you will find that different religions have different views on the same topic. The only advice I can give you is pray about it and you will have an answer somehow. I can remember many times when I did not know which way to go ,I would just sit down and pray and ask what path to take . Then one day I was in a christian book store and my said hey look at these books. I was not even looking for the book she found. I was looking for different bibles. What I did find was the answer to my prayers. The book helped me and I was able to learn about the other persons religion. I was then able to answer his questions, which I hope helped him on his path.

  We are all on journeys through our lives whether we know it or not. Believe me I have been on my journey and I am still on the journey. You see I was brought up Catholic and ended up in a assembly of God church. I did end up becoming closer to Jesus and realized that I did have a personal relationship with him. As time went on I found that I did not agree with what was going on and knew I had to leave. My wife and I ended up in the Lutheran Church where we were quite happy. I did however find that something wasn't quite right and my journey went on.
  I made more trips to the Christian Book Store to find answers. My mother was going to garage sales and found me some cheap books on religious subjects. There was one amazing book that changed my path. It was a book written by a Catholic author. The book was called thirty years with Christ. I read a statement where the person said there were many many denominations and they would say different things about the same subject. This started me on a quest to find out who was right and doing what Jesus taught. I read a book from a Christian friend about the history of religion. What I found was that the journey led me back to the catholic church. I read books on the early church fathers and found that some of these me were directly associated with Jesus. I figured that they must be doing what he taught them.
  Well when I read about the Eucharist and what he had taught. I knew where I had to go. I had to go back to the Catholic Church. That is what I did and I have been there since then and will never leave. My wife eventually became Catholic and so did all my children. I will never tell anyone that they have to be Catholic. I believe that everyone has there own journey no matter what religion or faith you are in. My advise is to read books written by a person in that particular faith. This way you get the correct truth and no what someone else believed because of what they saw with their eyes. My favorite verse id Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged. I believe that we are to love one another and treat each other with the respect they deserve.
  If you are looking for a certain book or a book on a certain subject check out the book store below the posts.
  Thank You for reading and Happy Holidays.