End Times Prophecy From A Cathoilc Perspective

Woman of the Apocalypse

The world seems to be changing rapidly. There are signs in the heavens and on earth happening all the time. There are wars and rumors of wars. It almost seems like the world is going crazy with everything that is going on. I get the feeling that the end is getting closer and closer with all the strange and scary events that keep happening. So what is going on and what do people in the Catholic Church. Well my advise is buy some books on Catholic Prophecy and learn what Catholics believe.  Do not read books written by non Catholics to determine what the Catholic Church believes.
  There are many different views out there on the End Times. The rapture seems to be one of the hottest topics among all different religions. Everyone seems to have a different views as to when exactly the rapture will occur. Some believe it will happen beginning of the end times, some in the middle and some at the end. No matter which way it actually happens I will be looking forward to it. Some people believe our current Pope is the final Pope. There are others that believe the current pope is the antichrist. I have heard some individuals say that the current pope is not the antichrist, because he has not fulfilled the prophecies that must take place. Then you other individuals saying they will destroy the Catholic Church. To me it sure does look like the end is drawing very near and Jesus may be here very soon.
  There are many different prophecies in the Catholic Church. Some are very well known such as the prophecies of Fatima for Mary the Blessed Mother of Jesus. She had said that this would be her final message to the world. There would be good things and not so good things that will happen. Well whatever will happen we will just have to keep watching and never stop. The other signs of the end times seems to be the strange weather we keep seeing. It seems that some things have always been happening, but not at the rate we are seeing these things happen.  All I keep seeing are all the earthquake swarms that keep happening all over the world. I have just heard that another volcano had erupted. There are floods, typhoons, hurricanes and other terrible weather events happening all over and in places where they don't usually happen. So again my advise is to build up your personal library on the the of the end times and prophecy from a Catholic perspective.
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  Thank You for reading.