The Bible Is The Most Popular Book Of All Time

  You know I can remember reading on the internet a few years ago about the most popular book of all time. I found that the Bible is the most popular book of all time . I know for myself I have quite a few different bibles. I have some Catholic Bibles as well as some Protestant bibles. Basically they are pretty much the same except there are some books in the Catholic that are not in the Protestant Bible. Either way they can be the most interesting reading you will ever do. I know there are many times when I just sit down and start reading. I seem to find something new every time and it always has something to do with my life.
  The bible even made the best selling book in Guinness World Records. It was found that about 2.5 billion copies were sold. That is an unbelievable number, so it is one amazing book. Now you can buy a bible with some beautiful pictures in it. There are bibles that have all kinds of information that are for bible study. They may have a bible dictionary so you can understand various topics in the bible. Sometimes you will find references to key in to other books in the bible. Some bibles are written to make it easier for someone to read and understand. You can even find bibles for children to read.
  Some bibles can be more expensive than others at Amazon for example. You can go on Ebay and you can find new bibles as well as old bibles. There are bibles that are a cheap book in a paper back cover. Then if you want to pay more you can go for a leather type binding. It all depends on how much you can afford to pay. I would say that the leather bindings may last longer. Yes a bible can make an excellent gift for someone at Christmas. So check out Ebay for some special Deals on Bibles for that special gift this Holiday Season.