Weight Loss

                            LOSE WEIGHT AND STAY HEALTHY
  One of the most popular subjects today is how to lose weight and become healthy. I myself have gone through some life changes to lose weight and become healthy. Back in 2006 I was working on building a room in my house. I was moving a heavy metal desk and did not know what would happen next. I should note that I weighed about 300lbs. Well the following morning I woke up in the most excruciating pain I had ever been in. I had no idea why I had all this pain. I called the doctor and he said rest a few days and take some Ibuprofen. Well I did that and the pain wasn't going away. I ended up having the ambulance come and take me to the hospital. At the hospital they asked me various questions and determined that I had most likely caused a disc in my back to bulge. The result was that it pinched the sciatic nerve that runs from your spine all the way down to your feet.

Woodworking Projects

  I think most people enjoy making something out of wood. I can remember way back in high school taking wood shop class. It was one of my favorite classes. For some reason I just love the smell of fresh cut wood. I remember someone bringing in a wooden chair and wanted it repaired. I took the job and took the entire chair apart. I cleaned up all the glue, sanded it and put it back together. Then I refinished the wooden chair and it looked really good.  A few days later the teacher called me up to the front of the room. I thought I was in trouble for something. Well to my surprise the teacher handed me a check for a certain amount of money. He said the person was so happy with my work that he wanted to pay me. I think that was one of my most favorite times in high school.

Catholic Apologetics What Is It


  When I first heard the term Catholic Apologetics I had no idea what it was or meant. I thought at first it meant that we as Catholics were apologizing for some reason. I later learned as I watched EWTN that basically this was an explanation of various topics in the Catholic Religion. When I was in the assembly of God church at one point in time people would make the typical comments about the Catholic faith and most of the time I did not really know how to respond to them. There were times when quite honestly I felt rather embarrassed.   As I watched various shows on EWTN I learned more about Catholic Apologetics. By the way for anyone who does not know what EWTN stands for it is the Eternal Word Television Network or as most call it the Catholic Channel on cable television.