Catholic Apologetics What Is It


  When I first heard the term Catholic Apologetics I had no idea what it was or meant. I thought at first it meant that we as Catholics were apologizing for some reason. I later learned as I watched EWTN that basically this was an explanation of various topics in the Catholic Religion. When I was in the assembly of God church at one point in time people would make the typical comments about the Catholic faith and most of the time I did not really know how to respond to them. There were times when quite honestly I felt rather embarrassed.   As I watched various shows on EWTN I learned more about Catholic Apologetics. By the way for anyone who does not know what EWTN stands for it is the Eternal Word Television Network or as most call it the Catholic Channel on cable television.

  As time went on I worked at one company and fellow employees would make those typical statements again about the Catholic Faith. What I did come to realize is that basically what people in other faiths thought about the Catholic Church were just incorrect. It seems as though people would either see what Catholic were doing and then they would try to interpret it without know the real reason or what someone was doing. It also was misinformation that had been handed down by someone and so now everyone else has a total misunderstanding. I am sure this not only happens in my situation, but also happens when we try to interpret someone other individuals faith. It basically comes down to the no respect problem, which leads to all kinds of problems.
  Well I finally decided to go and find whatever books I could on Catholic Apologetics. I found some at a local christian book store. Then after much prayer I came across the Catholic Bookstore through the internet. I bought quite a few different books on Catholic Apologetics. I also bought books such as the Catholic Encyclopedia and other Catholic Books as well. Unfortunately the Catholic Bookstore has gone out of business. So if you are interested in Catholic Books I would check out and Ebay. They do have quite a few good books on various Catholic Subjects. You can also check out any of the local bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. There are other bookstores out there as well as your public library. I prefer to buy my own books and then I don't have to worry about returning them.
  I do think and feel that it is very important that we as Catholic can answer any questions that are put to us by any individual. We should be able to defend our faith when need be in a way that does not show disrespect to any one else. We should also be able to listen to other people in different faiths and learn to respect what they believe regardless if we don't believe the same. I think if we all followed this rule of thinking we would be doing what Jesus taught. We would all be showing love for one another. Maybe by being able to answer or explain something to someone it may open the door to a new journey.
  Besides checking out the Bookstores, Libraries, and Ebay for books, there is also the internet. One of the best places I have found for Catholic Apologetics in otherwise known as Catholic Answers. Here is a link to the website . Here is another excellent website for Catholic Apologetics . Finally if you are looking for various information on the Catholic Faith I would check out EWTN at this link .
  Well That Is All For Now So Happy Holidays and God Bless.