Weight Loss

                            LOSE WEIGHT AND STAY HEALTHY
  One of the most popular subjects today is how to lose weight and become healthy. I myself have gone through some life changes to lose weight and become healthy. Back in 2006 I was working on building a room in my house. I was moving a heavy metal desk and did not know what would happen next. I should note that I weighed about 300lbs. Well the following morning I woke up in the most excruciating pain I had ever been in. I had no idea why I had all this pain. I called the doctor and he said rest a few days and take some Ibuprofen. Well I did that and the pain wasn't going away. I ended up having the ambulance come and take me to the hospital. At the hospital they asked me various questions and determined that I had most likely caused a disc in my back to bulge. The result was that it pinched the sciatic nerve that runs from your spine all the way down to your feet.

  My next move was to go and see a spinal surgeon. She had me go and have a MRI done. The MRI confirmed that I had bulged the disc slightly and resulted in pinching the sciatic nerve. I was not a candidate for surgery. I was sent to have physical therapy to heal myself. You see I could not even stand on my left leg. If I did I would collapse and fall to the floor. It took about five months of physical therapy and I was finally able to walk again. I did end up in bankruptcy and went through hell. I finally got back to work and got our financial situation back on track. The nice thing about physical therapy is that I began to enjoy exercising. I did lose a little weight, but not much.
  The next wall I ran into was going to the doctor and found that my blood pressure was too high and my cholesterol was too high. The doctor basically blamed this on family history and being too heavy. Well he wanted to put me on all these different pills. I read up on all these pills and found there were all these side effects. I started to experience side effects and he took me off the pills. I read all about all these different natural ways of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Of course the doctor would not agree to these due to them not being approved by the federal drug association. So I asked the doctor what other way is there to solve my problem.
  My doctor sent me to the nutritionists at the hospital. They checked me out and told me I had to lose the weight. They spoke to me about the DASH DIET.  My family history showed that the problems my family had were due to poor life choices like smoking, drinking and eating very badly. I do not smoke and drink, but I was way over weight. They told me about how to eat properly, but I had to exercise. I learned that the key was to stick with low fat, no saturated fat, low sodium and low cholesterol. I changed my choices of bad eating and rode a recumbent bike during the cold weather. I also did my exercises and stretches for my back problems. During the warm weather I would go for 30 minute walks at least three times a week. I found that the more I did it the more I liked it and the more I wanted to do.
  Well I lost the weight and got all the way down to about 219lbs. I had my blood pressure checked by my wife who is a certified nurses aid. My blood pressure was now at a normal level. I went to the doctor and I did not need any pills. My cholesterol was also at a normal level. This surely did not make him happy, because he could not put me on all these pills. You see I felt that all the pills were doing is covering up a problem and not curing the problem. I see that most people eat very poorly by eating too much of junk food. That kind of food is way too high in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. Today I am doing just fine and have no problems. I keep up with my exercising and stretching. I have days when my leg gets sore and stiff due to nerve damage, but then I feel much better. I still have some weight to lose and will keep working at it. Some times I do eat some junk food, but not very often. By the way I forgot to mention that I am about 56 years old.
  I feel that if everyone changed their poor eating habits, exercised in a good way they would start to feel better. I see people I work with take all kinds of pills. They eat very poorly and then they feel terrible. All they do is complain about it, but never really do anything about it. The other people need to lose weight and start going on whatever the current new weight loss fad is. They have even paid money to do this. Now there are a lot of good healthy plans out there. I don't think they have to give their money away. All they need to do is follow the right path and do whats right.
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 Thank You for reading and stay healthy.