Woodworking Projects

  I think most people enjoy making something out of wood. I can remember way back in high school taking wood shop class. It was one of my favorite classes. For some reason I just love the smell of fresh cut wood. I remember someone bringing in a wooden chair and wanted it repaired. I took the job and took the entire chair apart. I cleaned up all the glue, sanded it and put it back together. Then I refinished the wooden chair and it looked really good.  A few days later the teacher called me up to the front of the room. I thought I was in trouble for something. Well to my surprise the teacher handed me a check for a certain amount of money. He said the person was so happy with my work that he wanted to pay me. I think that was one of my most favorite times in high school.

  Have you ever wanted to make just a simple wooden box to put some of your favorite items in. I like to have something like that to put my ham radio gadgets, connectors and wire in. One of the wooden projects I have always wanted to build is a jewelry in. Of course I don't have a lot of jewelry, but I have some of those things that belonged to my Grandfather and Stepfather. I guess you might call it a keepsake box. Wooden projects don't have to be small either. You may want to build a hope chest for your daughter or just a wooden chest to put blankets in at the end of your bed. There are thousands of different wooden projects that you can build.
  If you are interested in wood working projects check out the ad at the top right side of the posts. It is for Teds Wood working projects and there are thousands of wooden projects. Now if you are looking for good books on wood projects check out Amazon.com . You can also check out Ebay for some good books on different kinds of wood projects. The other place I would suggest to look for books on wood projects is at your local library. Finally there are also the local book store such as Barnes and Noble. If you do want to check out Amazon check out the bookstore below the posts. You can also check out Ebay and search using the Ad at the right of the posts.
  Who knows you could turn your love of wood working into a career. I have seen some local wood shops where they are building furniture for customers. You can also build some wooden projects, start a blog and sell your own wooden projects. There are many different web sites out there selling all kinds of wooden projects. Building projects can also be an excellent way to relax. So start building wooden projects and have some fun.
  Thank You for reading.