Ham Radio Repair

  If you are a Ham Radio Operator you will need to be able to know how to repair your own Ham Radio Equipment. There are plenty of good books available at Amazon, Ebay or through one of the Ham Radio Dealers on the internet. One of the best books I can think of is the ARRL Ham Radio Manual. I have had mine since I graduated from college back in 1986 in Electrical Engineering. Yes I do plan on buying a new ARRL Ham Radio Manual in the near future. I may have to wait until Christmas. ARRL does have a few different handbooks and antenna books as well as the books for studying for your Ham Radio Licenses. These manuals are packed with all kinds of useful information on Electronics, Ham Radio and Antenna Building. They are one very impressive book with troubleshooting help as well. I definitely recommend that every Ham Radio Operator should have one. There are also plenty of other ARRL Manuals covering other subjects that can be very interesting.

  I would also suggest to build up your library with different Books On Electronics. I still have my books for Analog, Digital, Communication and Industrial Electronics. There are quite a few excellent books that can be purchased from Amazon and Ebay on these subjects as well as others. Seen as how technology has changed and increased through the years I would look for electronic books that are up to date. Besides books there are also plenty of excellent websites on the internet for learning electronics. There are also the openware college courses that anyone can take. MIT has quite a few excellent openware college courses online.
  My advise to would be to find some Used Ham Radios through Ebay that you can purchase and practice troubleshooting on them. I have also seen some Used Ham Radios at Ebay that may have some kind of a problem and you may try your hand at repairing them. There are also some electronic transmitter kits by Ramsey Electronics that you can build yourself. I would also look into an electronic breadboard kit. This will help in building and designing electronic circuits as well as troubleshooting electronic circuits.
  There are many different ways to learn and become an electronic technician. Get the ARRL Manual, Textbooks, Ramsey Radio Kits , Electronic Breadboard Kits as well as Used Ham Radios from Ebay. Get as much education as you can and also enroll in one of the excellent colleges such as Rochester Institute Of Technology.
  Thank You for Reading.