Photography can be an awesome career choice or it can be an awesome hobby. There are plenty of excellent Books On Photography to choose from. I remember starting out with a very simple camera back in 1977. I found that the pictures were okay, but lacked the quality I was looking for. I happened to be in photography class at the time. My grades on my photographs were okay, but I knew I could do better. I saved my money and bought a Petri 35mm SLR Camera. No we did not have the awesome Digital 35mm SLR Cameras like we have today.
  If you are thinking of getting involved in photography in some way I would look into various books on photography. There are plenty of excellent books on how to start out in photography. You can find books on how to set up a photography studio or on the different kinds of photographic equipment you may need. There are also photography books on the various techniques involved in taking beautiful photographs. I would also suggest buying books with various kinds of photographs in them. This way you may get an idea of what an awesome picture would look like. Mainly I would go by intuition, in other words if something catches your eye, snap the picture. Just remember not everyone is going to love your pictures. Whats important is how your photographs make you feel.
  I would also suggest to look for books on various types of cameras. This way you can get an understanding of what different cameras are like. You can also learn how to operate the camera to produce some awesome photographs. Just remember there are all kinds of Excellent Books On Photography in many different aspects in this career or hobby. Another idea I would try is to get on your year book staff if you are in highs school. This way you can get an excellent education on how to work the camera and how to work with other people. It will make an excellent addition on your resume. There are also plenty of good photographic courses in the various colleges around the united states. I would also invest in some of the photography course books as well. This would definitely help in your photography career or in your photography hobby.
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  Thank You for Reading and have fun taking pictures.