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Light Pillar Phenomenon
  There seems to be a lot of strange phenomena going on these days. It just seems like every time I look on the internet or watch the news there is some new phenomenon that has happened. It can be some kind of strange weather or maybe an alien abduction. It could also be some new sighting of that mysterious bigfoot. All you hear about today is also how we are in the end times and Jesus is coming back very soon. Certain religious groups are waiting for the rapture of the Christians. Of course the happening of the rapture depends on which church you belong to.
  The best thing to do is keep up with a current world events. Also keep the television going on the news channel and keep an eye on the internet. It seems like every day there is something new happening. Someone has seen some strange new phenomena and you will find many videos on youtube. My advise in most situations is to take whatever you see with a grain of salt. Sometimes there may be a perfectly explanation for something that happens. But then again there are times when something is so mysterious that we just have no explanation and are left shaking our heads.
  I would check out the books on Amazon at this link Books On Phenomena for some excellent reading. You can also check out this link for Ebay at Books On Phenomena . You can also check out your local library as well as your local bookstore. I would also suggest to check out the bookstore below the posts where you can search for what you want. Usually you can find various shows on cable television about all kinds of strange phenomena. If you would like leave a comment about some strange phenomena that you have experienced.
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