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  Here are a few good books on learning about the Rapture Of The Church.

  These are just a few of the excellent books on learning about the Rapture from different peoples views. If you are interested in learning more I would suggest to check out the bookstore below the posts.
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dr seuss books

Dr Seuss All Time Favorite

  One of the all time favorite books for children are the dr seuss books. I remember reading these books way back when I was a child in the 60s. The pictures were more of a cartoon character look, but were very well done. The words and sentences were written so a young child could read and understand them. They always had some sort of a rhyming theme to them and that always kept my interest going. One of the most popular of the dr seuss books was the popular green eggs and ham.
  Now you can buy a collection of the dr seuss books or you can buy one or two of them at a time. These are the kind of books that can make an excellent gift for any occasion. If your kids are learning to read I would definitely suggest getting the collection series that has The Cat In The Hat as well as many of the other books in this series. They are the kind of book that can be put away as the children get older and then can be passed on down to the next generation. I know you will enjoy reading them to your child as I did mine. Maybe one of these days when I have some grandchildren I will be reading them again.
  These books are meant to teach children the basic words so they can build up a good vocabulary. They not only can say or hear the word, but then an also associate the picture of the word they are saying or hearing. There are also some of these books that teach the alphabet. There are so many dr seuss books that I don't have the space to list them all. My best advise is to check out the amazon bookstore below the posts. This way you can look at all the dr Seuss books and buy the ones you prefer.
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