How To Pray

  There are many excellent books available on how to pray. Of course many different religions, faiths and cultures have their own way of praying. Who is to say who is right and who is wrong. As long as it is for a good reason and it comes from the heart that is all that matters. We just need to learn to respect each other and this world will be a much better place. So if you are looking for a good book on prayers or praying check out the bookstore below the posts.
  Here are a few examples of some good books on praying and prayer.

These are just a few good books and there are many more out there. 

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Bible Study Tools


  There are so many Bible Study Tools available today it may make it hard to choose. My advise would be to read the reviews on whatever bible study tools you are looking for. A lot also depends on what faith you are as to what bible study tool you will need. The first and most important is a Good Bible. Here is a link to for BIBLES And BIBLE STUDY TOOLS . If you are more into using Ebay here is a link to BIBLES and BIBLE STUDY TOOLS . If you are looking for a study bible check out the various bibles such as the King James, NIV, Ignatius Catholic Study Bible as well as others.
  Other Bible Study Tools to look for are the The New Strong's Concordance , Catholic Encyclopedia as well as many others. If you are Catholic I would invest in the Catechism Of The Catholic Church or any of the Catholic Bibles . What I you definitely suggest is to buy Bibles and BIBLE STUDY TOOLS for different religions and faiths of the world. Study each and learn what each religion does. This way you will have a respectful understanding of each faith and find the similarities in each faith.
  Another Idea is to look for various Bible Studies. This way you are learning about a particular religion or faith. You should always look for the Bible Study Tools written by the faith so you get their information and not misinformation by someone else. There seems to be way too much of that going around these days. All this seems to do is cause more problems among people. Do not let anyone tell you this Bible Study Tool or Study Bible is better that something written by someone else. So click on any of the links in the post or check out the bookstore below the posts.
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Get Your Kindle Ebook Today

  So have you found your favorite ebook lately. One of the popular methods of reading an ebook is to purchase it through . There is a huge choice of ebooks to choose from. If you are interested in finding and ebook just click on this link  Click Here To Find Your EBOOK. All you have to do is select the topic or type of ebook and then follow the website. Now if you don't have a kindle and are interested in purchasing one you can click on this link Click Here To Find A KINDLE. Just be aware there are plenty of different kindles to choose from. I would suggest reading the reviews and check the ratings. Below are a few examples of some popular Ebooks for kindles.

These two Kindle Ebooks are just an example of all the kindle ebooks you can find on You can always search for a specific ebook that you are wanting to read. If you are looking for children's ebooks you can click on this link  Click Here To Find A Children's Ebooks . The choices just seem to be endless these days. It seems as though people are writing ebooks left and right. You will find that some of the ebooks are better written then others, so I would check out all the reviews before making any choice. It sure has come a long way since I was a child and my mother bought us different books to read. So if you are just looking for a good book to read and you don't have or want a kindle you can search for the book through my bookstore below the posts.
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Shroud Of Turin


   Exactly who is the person on the Shroud Of Turin cloth. That's a question people have been asking for a long time. Most believe it to be Jesus Christ and there are others that say it is a man from the Middle Ages due to the first tests that were done on the cloth to determine its age. New tests have been done due to the belief that the date testing was done to the burnt part of the cloth. They felt that this would have affected the date that was found by the carbon testing. When the tests were more recently done they were done on a part of the cloth that was not affected by the fire. Well guess what happened, it seems as though the date turned out to be closer to the time of Jesus. I think was a surprise to many people, but there are still those that do not want to accept it and that is their choice. If you are interested in this subject check out the books through the bookstore below the posts.

  If you are interested check out these books above or search through the bookstore below for the Shroud Of Turin.
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Arts And Crafts Books

  We are always looking for something to do to keep ourselves busy. One of the best things to keep us busy are Arts And Crafts. There are so many different books around with Arts And Crafts we will most likely never run out. The awesome thing with Arts And Crafts is that it is a subject that covers all ages. It goes from the very young to our Senior Citizens. It is an excellent way to keep up with our Hand And Eye coordination. It will also keep our imaginations in good shape. So if you are into Arts And Crafts or would like to check out the Bookstore below the posts.

  If you are interested check my blog at .
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Working The Ceramics Potters Wheel

  Have you ever thought about learning how to make ceramics. There are plenty of good books on ceramics where you can learn a great deal. I remember being in high school and I took classes in ceramics. I really enjoyed making my own ceramic projects. I remember designing bowls and vases and creating them on the potters wheel. If you are interested in ceramics I would suggest to look into the different pieces of ceramic equipment that you will need. I would start out very basic and then move your way up into the ceramic hobby. If you are going further I would make a career out of working with ceramics. I in fact still have my beer stein that I made in ceramics class when I was eighteen years old. It's one of my best memories from all those years ago.
  So if you are interested in ceramics check out the links for Books On Ceramics and Ceramics Equipment . Also check out these links as well,
Ceramics Kilns and Ceramics Arts And Crafts Tools

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LINUX 2015
  Linux is an excellent open source operating system for your computer. If your tired of Microsoft windows and want to try something different download the Linux Mint iso or the Linux Ubuntu iso. Burn them to a cd and just boot off and run the live cd. If you are looking for something similar, but not the same check out Linux Zorin. There are whole bunch of different Linux Distributions to choose from. If you want you can install Linux right along side your windows installation. Just remember to back up your windows system before setting up the dual boot system, because there is no going back.
  There are plenty of good websites to learn about Linux. There are also some excellent books that you can buy on learning Linux. You can click on these picture links or you can go through my bookstore below the posts. What I would do is take a computer you are not using and install Linux on it. If you are going to stick with Linux you could buy a new computer and install Linux on it. You can also follow this link for LINUX BOOKS . If Ebay is your thing then you can follow this link LINUX BOOKS . Either way is can make a very interesting learning experience.If you are into Ham Radio you will find that there some good software programs for Ham Radio. If you are into gaming on the computer there are some pretty good games running on a Linux system. Whatever you do just have fun with whatever Linux version you choose.
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