LINUX 2015
  Linux is an excellent open source operating system for your computer. If your tired of Microsoft windows and want to try something different download the Linux Mint iso or the Linux Ubuntu iso. Burn them to a cd and just boot off and run the live cd. If you are looking for something similar, but not the same check out Linux Zorin. There are whole bunch of different Linux Distributions to choose from. If you want you can install Linux right along side your windows installation. Just remember to back up your windows system before setting up the dual boot system, because there is no going back.
  There are plenty of good websites to learn about Linux. There are also some excellent books that you can buy on learning Linux. You can click on these picture links or you can go through my bookstore below the posts. What I would do is take a computer you are not using and install Linux on it. If you are going to stick with Linux you could buy a new computer and install Linux on it. You can also follow this link for LINUX BOOKS . If Ebay is your thing then you can follow this link LINUX BOOKS . Either way is can make a very interesting learning experience.If you are into Ham Radio you will find that there some good software programs for Ham Radio. If you are into gaming on the computer there are some pretty good games running on a Linux system. Whatever you do just have fun with whatever Linux version you choose.
  Thank You For Stopping By.