Shroud Of Turin


   Exactly who is the person on the Shroud Of Turin cloth. That's a question people have been asking for a long time. Most believe it to be Jesus Christ and there are others that say it is a man from the Middle Ages due to the first tests that were done on the cloth to determine its age. New tests have been done due to the belief that the date testing was done to the burnt part of the cloth. They felt that this would have affected the date that was found by the carbon testing. When the tests were more recently done they were done on a part of the cloth that was not affected by the fire. Well guess what happened, it seems as though the date turned out to be closer to the time of Jesus. I think was a surprise to many people, but there are still those that do not want to accept it and that is their choice. If you are interested in this subject check out the books through the bookstore below the posts.

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