Everybody today seems to want to be in fashion. We all tend to want to be popular. Now there are times when we see some type of clothing and it catches our eye. Sometimes we go back to a fashion from the past. It just seems that fashion can cover a wide area of items, but we first tend to think of the clothing bushiness. That may be because we watch alot of television or look at magazines. There always seems to be some kind of fashion statement made by someone and then we all want to look like that person. As for myself I just look at various types of clothing and pick what looks good to me.
 In the world of fashion there are quite a few different career paths to take. You may want to get into the designing of clothing.  Here is a link to FASHION DESIGN BOOKS. You may have a good artistic talent that you can apply towards that career. Now on the other hand you may just like working or owning a store that sells certain kinds of clothing. You may be happy to be the person in a store that dresses the manikins in the newest types of clothing. It just all depends on what you like to do and that's the path you should follow.
 You can find numerous books on different subjects in the fashion industry. My advise is to check out and Ebay for an excellent selection of books on various fashion subjects. If you are interested here is a link to BOOKS ON FASHION . Otherwise you can check out your local book stores or your local library.
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