Every day I get home and check out facebook, twitter and the Internet all I see are stories about the rapture of the church. Some religious groups believe that they are the only group that will be taken up in the blink of an eye in the rapture. I myself believe what it says in the bible and that is all believers in Jesus will be taken up in the blink of an eye. The problem comes in when one religious group seems to think they have the corner on the rapture and unless you think as they do you will be left on earth. Yes there have been movies made to give that view. The problem is that they are not biblical. If you want to follow the Word Of God you have to read the whole chapter and verse, not just the parts you want to fit your doctrine. If you are looking for more books on the Rapture click this link BOOKS ON THE RAPTURE
  My advise is to buy different books from different religious groups and thoroughly read them. Do Not do this just to pick other religious groups apart. Read them so you have an understanding of what other people think and then decide for yourself. It's just like when I was trying to decide what was the right path to follow. I came across a book called 30 Years With Christ by Rosalie Marie Levy and in it she made a statement that there are so many different churches some one has to be right and someone has to be wrong.
  You have this faith saying this and someone saying that about the same subject. The Holy Spirit had to these individual so, well either the Holy Spirit is telling lies or is confused. Well we know that this cannot happen. So I looked at what the Early Church Fathers were doing, because some of them were directly associated with the Apostles. The Apostles were following what Jesus had taught them, so I looked at which church was following these practices and my path became clear. I decided to go back to the Catholic Church.
 Now I do not tell anyone what they should or should not do. This was strictly my choice between me and God. If you choose another path then I respect you for it. If you are right or wrong you will find out on judgement day. So like I said before buy various books on the Rapture and fill yourself with knowledge. Learn to Love and Respect others and follow what Jesus taught, which was to love one another. Let God be the Judge.
 Thank You for stopping by and learn about the Rapture.