Catholic Saints

 If you want to learn about Catholic History I would invest in some books on the Saints. One of the things that you can do is look up the names of the saints and their meanings. It is very interesting to see who the saints were and what they did. If you are catholic one of the things you will do is pick a particular for your confirmation name. I remember trying to determine what name I wanted. I decided I would choose my stepfathers middle name Thomas. I guess I was trying to tell him that I loved him and basically saying thank you. I was not always the perfect kid growing up in my teenage years.
 One of the lists you can find are a list of the patron saints.
Here is some interesting information below on Patron Saints.
" A patron saint, patroness saint, patron hallow or heavenly protector is a saint who in Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy is regarded as the heavenly advocate of a nation, place, craft, activity, class, clan, family or person.[1][2] Catholics believe that patron saints, having already transcended to the metaphysical, are able to intercede effectively for the needs of their special charges.[3] "

"Saints become the patrons of places where they were born or had been active. However, there were cases in Medieval Europe where a city which grew to prominence and transferred to its cathedral the remains or some relics of a famous saint who had lived and was buried elsewhere, and made him or her the city's patron saint – such a practice conferring considerable prestige on the city concerned. In Latin America and the Philippines, Spanish and Portuguese explorers often named a location for the saint on whose feast or commemoration they first visited the place, with that Saint naturally becoming the area's patron.[citation needed]
Professions sometimes have a patron saint owing to that individual being involved somewhat with it. Lacking such a saint, an occupation would have a patron whose acts or miracles in some way recall the profession. For example, when the previously unknown profession of photography appeared in the 19th century, Saint Veronica was made its patron, owing to how her veil miraculously received the imprint of Christ's face after she wiped the blood and sweat off. [4][5][6] "


Who Are We.....We Are One Big Family

 When I look around the news today all I see is people looking at how different we all are. Then you get the person judging the other because they believe something different then you do. Well if you took a look at the big picture you would find out we are all related. Basically what I mean is we are all children of God The Father.
 If you take a look way back in history you would find out that we all started with two people. One man and one woman to be exact. Yes I am talking about Adam and Eve. God made Adam out of the clay of the earth and blew life into his nostrils. Then he took a rib from Adam and Created Eve to be his wife. Now from these two people we have all the generations from then until now. So as you can see we are all related by two people in the beginning.
 So when it comes down to it we are all brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and Aunts . So yes we all have one heavenly father. So when you are hurting some one else you are hurting a very distant brother or sister. Do you seriously think your heavenly father would want you to hurt your family member. I know as a father myself I hate it when one of my children hurts the other. I know I have always had them apologize to one another and make things right.
 I think it we all stopped and took a long look at each other we would find we have more in common then we know. Most of us believe in the beginning with God,Adam and Eve in the garden. We all believe that God is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. We all believe that Jesus was a Prophet as well as many other things. Yes there are some differences and we need to stop hurting one another and start loving one another as Jesus taught.
 We need to stop judging and let God Be The Judge.  

What To Do When Your Catholic

 I am Catholic and was raised in the Catholic Church. There was a time when I was young and did not think too much about church. I met my wife and ended up in the Assembly Of God Pentecostal Church. I spent a few years there and then decided to leave do to personal feelings associated with judging others just because they were not in this particular church or had no recited a little prayer accepting Jesus as my personal Savior.
 After time we ended up in the Lutheran Church. It had similarities to the Catholic Church and to the Protestant Church. This attracted both my wife and I. We raised our three children in the church when they were young and enjoyed our time there. There came a day when the Pastor was giving communion and he said something that caught my attention. Basically he used the word symbol and I knew that the host was more than just a symbol. This set me on my journey to determine where I should be.
 You see I wanted to know if it was okay to be in various churches. I did not want to read books just written by anyone, because I would get their view. I decided to search through history to see where it would lead me. Well it seemed to always come back to the Catholic Church. I asked my mother to pick up any books on religion at garage sales. She brought me a bunch of books and one in particular caught my attention.
 The book was called 30 years with Christ. As I read through it I came across a page where the author made an interesting statement. She said basically that there are so many different denominations someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. She made a point of how various churches will say something different about the same subject. She said this can't be true, because the Holy Spirit can not be telling everyone something different. The Holy Spirit speaks the truth and is the mouthpiece of God. So he either does not know the truth or is confused, we know this can not be true.
 So I set out to find out who was doing what in the early churches. I found books on the Early Church Fathers. These were men that some were directly associated with some of the Apostles. I knew they had to have been doing what Jesus taught them. Well the only church that was doing these things was the Catholic Church. I then happened to watch EWTN by chance and the person was a convert to the Catholic Church due to the Eucharist. I now knew after praying that I had to return to the Catholic Church.
 Yes I came back to the Catholic Church and have never left. I told my wife I could not tell her what to do. She started praying and decided to become Catholic. Also all of my children became Catholic as well. In fact my oldest  daughter was married in the Catholic Church. My advise to anyone is to pray and ask for guidance. You will be amazed at what can happen and what you will learn, so buy books written by Catholics and get the correct facts. There is alot of misinformation out there and someone is always trying to destroy the Catholic Church. This will never happen as Jesus said the gates of Hell shall not prevail and this has been proven through many trials and tribulations.

  It's time we all started learning Gods Word. This world seems to be getting darker and darker. Every day when I look at the news or facebook there has been some terrible event that has taken place. There is so much loss of life to innocent people I just want to hang my head and cry.
 So my advise for everyone is to study the bible and learn to love and respect each other.

Get Into Genealogy And Dig Up Your Familys Past

 One of the topics I have always been interested in is the study of genealogy. Yes digging into ones past to see who shows up. I have some information that my Aunt did in going back so far. I would just like to see exactly how far back I could go. I always wonder what is the furthest back someone was able to go in their ancestry search.  There are plenty of places on the internet where you can do some searching. I think we have all heard of and seen the advertisements online.

Give Dad A Good Book For Fathers Day

 So have you thought about what to give your Dad on Fathers Day this year. Why not pick out some awesome books for him. You can go through the search below at amazon.

The Bible

 What is your favorite Bible to read and learn from ? In today's world there are many different denominations and along with that comes many different bibles. You will find that most bibles are essentially the same. The difference between the Catholic Bible and the Protestant Bible is that the Catholic has some books that the protestant bible. If this concerns you then I would advise to look into why one has more books than the other. The next step is to respect each other and learn form each other. This way we learn to love one another and stop the hate that seems to go on.
 Now there are some other bibles that are a little very different. These would be the Mormons Bible and the Jehovah's Witness Bible. You will find that they are somewhat similar in their text with some differences. Once again I would learn about the various faiths and learn what they believe and why. This way if someone comes to your door and asks you a question you will be able to answer them with the kindness we all deserve.
 The next this I would explain is that there are generally two kinds of bibles. One wold be the normal bible for every day reading. The second would be the study bible. The biggest difference is that the study bible may have a dictionary and some other information. If you want to learn about your faith or a friends faith I would look into the study bible.
 There are also plenty of books that will go hand in hand with your bible. I would look into a bible dictionary. I would also look into good concordance, which will contain all kinds of useful information. Just remember that they are written for a particular faith. The excellent book I would look for is the Catholic Catechism . This book will help with your Catholic Faith and Catholic Bible. Also there are plenty of good books written by authors for the various faiths.

Learning About The Catholic Church

 This post is actually for anyone interested in learning about the Catholic Church. I have been a Catholic all my life. There was a period of time when I was in the Pentecostal Church for a few years when I was married and then my wife, kids and I were in the Lutheran Church for a few years while my kids were young. I did however make a decision to come back into the Catholic Church. You see I never stopped being Catholic, I was basically on a journey.
 What I have found is that many people really do not know what the Catholic Church is all about. I have met quite a few different people that had total misconceptions of what was going on at Mass or in the Church itself. I have found that people see with their eyes and then come to some conclusion about something. I have known alot of individuals that were told something about the church and I had to correct what they were being told. It is a shame that we as human beings judge one another without knowing the truth. If we all only took the time to learn and respect each other the world would be a much better place.
 My advise is for anyone to purchase a good Catholic Study Bible and start doing to serious learning. I would also purchase a good catechism, which will aid in the learning process. Another excellent source of information is to get books written about the Early Church Fathers. These are men that were directly associated with various Apostles of Jesus Christ. I realized that they were doing what the Apostles taught them and the Apostles were taught by Jesus himself. I would also look for books written by Catholics such as Scott Hahn, Marcus Grodi and Jeff Cavins as well as many others.
 As far as myself I came back to the Catholic Church mainly due to the Eucharist. I had learned what Jesus had actually taught about it. I saw the reaction of the Apostles and that they left because he told them they had to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Yes quite a few of them left, because they could not accept this. You see if he only meant it as a symbol he would have rebuked them and told them so.
 So if you are interested in learning about the Catholic Faith check out the Amazon Ads and Search below.

Free Ebooks For Your Reading Pleasure
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 Everyone or should I say most everyone likes to read. I know when I was younger my older brother loved to read, but me I would rather be outside doing something. Now as I am older I do like to read various items. Maybe if they had kindles when I was younger I would have been more interested in reading. Maybe it's just me getting older. Now my wife really loves to read, in fact she has her own little are I call her library.
 In today's world we have the ebooks. There are some that cost money, but generally are not very expensive to purchase. Then there are others that are actually free. Yes that would be the free ebook category. If you browse on Amazon you will find plenty of excellent free ebooks to download and enjoy reading. My advise is to check out the reviews and then decide on what interests you the most.
 The next issue is what are you going to read the ebook on. Well you could use your desktop computer if you are going to be sitting in one place. Now if you are going to take your books with you I would suggest either a laptop, tablet or kindle. The kindle is smaller in size, but can handle a good number of books installed on it. The other option is the tablet, which may have more space, memory and other options such as web surfing, word processing and emailing. Then you have the laptop, which is generally much more powerful and can handle many more tasks. If you are taking it with you to college for example then I would use a laptop computer. If you are going to carry it in a purse or something small I would go with the kindle. The choice is up to you.
 Learn How To Create And Write Your Own Ebooks

Here are some examples of free ebooks, kindle and a laptop computer. You can always search for other items as well.

Boudoir Photography An Interesting Career

 If you are into photography you know there are many different career paths to take. One of the most popular is boudoir photography. Noe most of us automatically see ladies in scantly dressed clothing. Well in one sense that may be true, because this can be ladies is clothing meant for the private bedroom. I know when I think of this I picture a special moment between a husband and wife on their honeymoon.
 I was watching some videos with various boudoir photographers and interesting enough they seem to have been a different photographer before starting their boudoir photography career. Some of them were wedding photographers and others had a different path. They seem to enjoy making women feel good about themselves, which is an admirable goal. Most boudoir photographers earn about $35,000 in pay and that may vary.
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Help With Training Dogs

Phothgraph By: Stephanie Wagner
This is Wilson our Golden Retriever
 I have owned three dogs so far and right now we have our golden retriever Wilson. He has the best nature I have ever seen in a dog. When we were looking for a dog we read about various breeds and decided on the golden retrievers. It was the best choice we had made, but our previous dogs were all excellent pets and awesome friends.
 Now as far as training goes I have found that the more love you give them the more they give you back. I once had a friend that said use a rolled up newspaper and swat the dog on the rear or the bridge of the nose when they don't do what they should . I was young and stupid. I tried that once in the beginning with my first dog Sam and he turned around, growled and mad the meanest face. I knew right then and there it was the wrong thing to do. What I did was show all kinds of love and never used anger again. Everything changed and he was one of the best friends I ever had. We went on all kinds of adventures together.
 Now if you are looking for some good training information you can click on the information below.
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How To Get Rid Of That Nasty Diabetes

 There are quite a few different ways of learning how to get rid of that nasty diabetes before it gets rid of you. Yes there are plenty of excellent books that provide all kinds of information. If you are going in that direction I would check out your local bookstores. Otherwise I would suggest checking out the amazon search below the post.
 If you are interested in more information click on the picture below and watch the video.

 As far as my family goes my sister in law had type two diabetes and was over 300 lbs. She decided to lose the weight by having her stomach stapled. Yes she lost a huge amount of weight and you would not have recognized her. She did find that when the weight was gone , so was the diabetes. So my advise is to go on a healthy diet plan and lose the weight naturally.
 There are plenty of excellent books on all kinds of diets to choose from. Two that come to mind are the paleo diet and the dash diet. The paleo diet is very popular these days and is doing quite well. The dash diet is more for lowering hypertension, but you lose weight in the process. I myself went on the dash diet and along with exercise lost over 50lbs and did not need any blood pressure medication. I feel alot better than I did at 300lbs.

The Catholic Church

 I have met so many people that had total misunderstandings about the Catholic Church I could not believe it. It seems as though someone either lies about the Catholic Faith or they don't know what the church does and why. I can remember a friend at work saying oh they worship statues of saints and Mary. I remember looking at that person and saying who told you that. The usual answer was well our Pastor said or someone in their church said. Well I would just have to correct them and the answer was wow I did not know that.
 I believe that we all need to know the truth about our faith ans the faiths of others. We as human beings need to learn to respect the differences we have and we need to realize how much we all really have in common. So what we need to do is purchase as many books as possible written by for example people in the Catholic Church. If you go outside the faith you will get that incorrect truth and then the bad mouthing will result. I do not believe that is what Jesus would want us to do.
 Now there are many many different books written by Catholic authors that will provide all the truth. Some of the popular names that come to mind are Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Marcus Grodi and CS Lewis. Many of these individuals were in other faiths and became converts to the Catholic Church. If you are looking for a good show to watch I would suggest the Journey Home on EWTN. I would also suggest looking for books on Catholic Apologetics. These books will give the reason why we do certain things and will explain where these things originated from.
 There are many different websites on the internet that will provide excellent information. Just make sure it is a website run by Catholics. One of my favorite websites for Catholic information is called Catholic Answers. One of my favorite things to do is provide correct information on twitter and facebook. I in fact have a facebook page where I post and share things about the Catholic Faith. If you are interested in any books check out the Amazon search below.

It's Time To Read The Bible

 There are so many different bibles out there today who knows which one is best or which one is right. The problem comes in when some group had decided to change what was originally written to meet the needs of that group. Aside from that what I have also found is that most denominations tend to pick out certain scripture passages to meet what they want to say. In fact most of the time certain individuals totally misinterpret what a certain piece of scripture really means. Believe me I have lived this first hand and I have other family members that do this as well.
 When I decided to come back to the catholic church it was a tough decision. I was trying to figure out which church is the true church. I came across many different faiths and read many different bibles. I came across a book called 30 years with Christ. In fact my mother found it at a garage sale when I asked her if she saw any religious books to grab them for me. Well in this book the writer made a statement that there are many different denominations and people will say that the Holy Spirit told me this and that about a certain piece of scripture. She then went on to say that how could the Holy Spirit be telling all these people something different about the same scripture. She then stated that either the Holy Spirit did not know what he was talking about or he was lying.
 Well she then said that we know this could not be true, because the Holy Spirit is the mouth piece for God. Okay so someone has to be right and the rest are wrong. I then decided to go through history and find out who was the original church. In going through history I kept coming back to the Catholic Church. The most important reason I came back was due to the Eucharist. You see I wanted to know what was the truth. In other words was the Eucharist just a symbol or was it really Jesus Flesh and Blood.
  I happened to come across EWTN and a show called the Journey Home with Marcus Grodi. The person on the show was talking about his journey and the Eucharist. He basically talked about the Early Church Fathers and what they were doing. You see some of these men were directly associated with The Apostles and they were taught by Jesus. I knew at this point they had to be doing just what Jesus taught. The person showed in scripture that by the apostles that left when Jesus talked about the Eucharist they could not accept what Jesus said, because they thought it was cannibalism by eating mans flesh. Jesus did not rebuke them or say hey don't leave this is just a symbol. No he meant what he said.
 I knew at this point I had to come back to the Catholic Church, because it was the true church. I had to be doing what Jesus taught. So what I am trying to say is read the scripture and make sure what you are reading. Don't become one of the many other denominations that are telling people we are the true church. It is way too easy to be mislead and follow the wrong path. Read all of scripture and not just parts, get the correct interpretation.

Are We Really In The End Times

 So many people are asking that question today. That question is are we really in the end times ? My answer to that is take a good long look around the world . There are so many awful and horrible events going on what else could it be. It's almost like Satan knows his time is limited and he is doing as much damage as possible. I just can't believe what I have seen on facebook and the news. It's just one sick event after another.
 Then to top it all off we have all these weird  weather events going on. In fact we have had very little snow up until this week. Yes we got about 18 inches of snow in a short period of time. Now they are predicting another snow storm this week. With this last one I could not even get out of the driveway due to the plow putting a 5 foot 10 foot thick wall of snow at the end of the driveway. Fortunately I am on vacation this coming week, so I won't worry about missing work.
 I have been searching around the internet and it's just one strange event in the heavens day after day. People are seeing all kinds of paranormal activity every time you turn around. Then we have one disease after another popping up. Outside of that we have everyone pointing the finger at someone saying here is the Antichrist or there is the Antichrist. It's just a world gone crazy and getting worse. People are killing people left and right for no real reason. All you hear to are the strange things going on with the government. All the preppers are talking about getting ready for some world event. Now the most current thing is they are saying ww3 is happening or just about to happen. Jesus is expected to be coming back any day now.
 If you are not familiar with the End Times or Bible Prophecy buy some books and learn.

Kindle Ebooks

 If you have a kindle you need to invest in some kindle ebooks. The nice part of these ebooks is that you can find quite a few that are free. Generally the one that are for buying are generally not very expensive. The other nice feature is that there is a huge variety of them to choose from. My advise is to search through and you can find all kinds of stories and more.
 If you don't have a kindle now is the time to buy one. The price is not too bad and there are a good variety of sizes to choose from. Here are a few videos I came across on youtube. I hope that they will give you some ideas as to what you can do with a Kindle.

Amazon Kindle: How To Download Library eBooks by San Jose Public Library Video

 Send Documents, Books, PDFs To Your Kindle via email by Cindy Callinsky

 Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7'' Review | Special Discount Link by Top Tips For Healthy Living

  Some of the videos may be a year old, but they give some good examples of what a Kindle can do. So check them out today.

Buy A Kindle And Start Building Your Ebook Library

 Christmas is over so you may find some good deals on a Kindle and then you can start building up your Ebook Library. I have been browsing amazon and have noticed that the kindles have become very popular. I believe it is because they are not too expensive and are very easy to carry. Just the kindle with a color 7 inch display has over 22,000 reviews. With that kind of popularity something must be good about them. They are not just for reading ebooks either. They can be used to surf the internet and check your email as well. They basically have nay different uses such as keeping reminders of to keep yourself up to date, so you don't miss an appointment.
 Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7'' Review | Special Discount Link by Top Tips For Healthy Living
  One thing I have also noticed is the kindles have come a long way in the size of their displays. They were in the beginning somewhat small with maybe a 6 inch display. It today's world of electronic devices they have up to a 10.1 inch display. That will definitely making viewing the internet or reading a ebook easier on the eyes. I would just make sure to have a good laptop case to carry the kindle in as well as anything else you need to carry.
 If you are thinking of a kindle I would check them out at amazon. You can you the search portal below to go to amazon and check them out. Make sure to read all the reviews on any particular item. As usual you will find a mixed bag of reviews. There are some people that absolutely love them while others have found problems. This will help you make an educated choice in whatever kindle you are interested in.