Kindle Ebooks

 If you have a kindle you need to invest in some kindle ebooks. The nice part of these ebooks is that you can find quite a few that are free. Generally the one that are for buying are generally not very expensive. The other nice feature is that there is a huge variety of them to choose from. My advise is to search through and you can find all kinds of stories and more.
 If you don't have a kindle now is the time to buy one. The price is not too bad and there are a good variety of sizes to choose from. Here are a few videos I came across on youtube. I hope that they will give you some ideas as to what you can do with a Kindle.

Amazon Kindle: How To Download Library eBooks by San Jose Public Library Video

 Send Documents, Books, PDFs To Your Kindle via email by Cindy Callinsky

 Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7'' Review | Special Discount Link by Top Tips For Healthy Living

  Some of the videos may be a year old, but they give some good examples of what a Kindle can do. So check them out today.