It's Time To Read The Bible

 There are so many different bibles out there today who knows which one is best or which one is right. The problem comes in when some group had decided to change what was originally written to meet the needs of that group. Aside from that what I have also found is that most denominations tend to pick out certain scripture passages to meet what they want to say. In fact most of the time certain individuals totally misinterpret what a certain piece of scripture really means. Believe me I have lived this first hand and I have other family members that do this as well.
 When I decided to come back to the catholic church it was a tough decision. I was trying to figure out which church is the true church. I came across many different faiths and read many different bibles. I came across a book called 30 years with Christ. In fact my mother found it at a garage sale when I asked her if she saw any religious books to grab them for me. Well in this book the writer made a statement that there are many different denominations and people will say that the Holy Spirit told me this and that about a certain piece of scripture. She then went on to say that how could the Holy Spirit be telling all these people something different about the same scripture. She then stated that either the Holy Spirit did not know what he was talking about or he was lying.
 Well she then said that we know this could not be true, because the Holy Spirit is the mouth piece for God. Okay so someone has to be right and the rest are wrong. I then decided to go through history and find out who was the original church. In going through history I kept coming back to the Catholic Church. The most important reason I came back was due to the Eucharist. You see I wanted to know what was the truth. In other words was the Eucharist just a symbol or was it really Jesus Flesh and Blood.
  I happened to come across EWTN and a show called the Journey Home with Marcus Grodi. The person on the show was talking about his journey and the Eucharist. He basically talked about the Early Church Fathers and what they were doing. You see some of these men were directly associated with The Apostles and they were taught by Jesus. I knew at this point they had to be doing just what Jesus taught. The person showed in scripture that by the apostles that left when Jesus talked about the Eucharist they could not accept what Jesus said, because they thought it was cannibalism by eating mans flesh. Jesus did not rebuke them or say hey don't leave this is just a symbol. No he meant what he said.
 I knew at this point I had to come back to the Catholic Church, because it was the true church. I had to be doing what Jesus taught. So what I am trying to say is read the scripture and make sure what you are reading. Don't become one of the many other denominations that are telling people we are the true church. It is way too easy to be mislead and follow the wrong path. Read all of scripture and not just parts, get the correct interpretation.