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 Everyone or should I say most everyone likes to read. I know when I was younger my older brother loved to read, but me I would rather be outside doing something. Now as I am older I do like to read various items. Maybe if they had kindles when I was younger I would have been more interested in reading. Maybe it's just me getting older. Now my wife really loves to read, in fact she has her own little are I call her library.
 In today's world we have the ebooks. There are some that cost money, but generally are not very expensive to purchase. Then there are others that are actually free. Yes that would be the free ebook category. If you browse on Amazon you will find plenty of excellent free ebooks to download and enjoy reading. My advise is to check out the reviews and then decide on what interests you the most.
 The next issue is what are you going to read the ebook on. Well you could use your desktop computer if you are going to be sitting in one place. Now if you are going to take your books with you I would suggest either a laptop, tablet or kindle. The kindle is smaller in size, but can handle a good number of books installed on it. The other option is the tablet, which may have more space, memory and other options such as web surfing, word processing and emailing. Then you have the laptop, which is generally much more powerful and can handle many more tasks. If you are taking it with you to college for example then I would use a laptop computer. If you are going to carry it in a purse or something small I would go with the kindle. The choice is up to you.
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Here are some examples of free ebooks, kindle and a laptop computer. You can always search for other items as well.

Boudoir Photography An Interesting Career

 If you are into photography you know there are many different career paths to take. One of the most popular is boudoir photography. Noe most of us automatically see ladies in scantly dressed clothing. Well in one sense that may be true, because this can be ladies is clothing meant for the private bedroom. I know when I think of this I picture a special moment between a husband and wife on their honeymoon.
 I was watching some videos with various boudoir photographers and interesting enough they seem to have been a different photographer before starting their boudoir photography career. Some of them were wedding photographers and others had a different path. They seem to enjoy making women feel good about themselves, which is an admirable goal. Most boudoir photographers earn about $35,000 in pay and that may vary.
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Help With Training Dogs

Phothgraph By: Stephanie Wagner
This is Wilson our Golden Retriever
 I have owned three dogs so far and right now we have our golden retriever Wilson. He has the best nature I have ever seen in a dog. When we were looking for a dog we read about various breeds and decided on the golden retrievers. It was the best choice we had made, but our previous dogs were all excellent pets and awesome friends.
 Now as far as training goes I have found that the more love you give them the more they give you back. I once had a friend that said use a rolled up newspaper and swat the dog on the rear or the bridge of the nose when they don't do what they should . I was young and stupid. I tried that once in the beginning with my first dog Sam and he turned around, growled and mad the meanest face. I knew right then and there it was the wrong thing to do. What I did was show all kinds of love and never used anger again. Everything changed and he was one of the best friends I ever had. We went on all kinds of adventures together.
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How To Get Rid Of That Nasty Diabetes

 There are quite a few different ways of learning how to get rid of that nasty diabetes before it gets rid of you. Yes there are plenty of excellent books that provide all kinds of information. If you are going in that direction I would check out your local bookstores. Otherwise I would suggest checking out the amazon search below the post.
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 As far as my family goes my sister in law had type two diabetes and was over 300 lbs. She decided to lose the weight by having her stomach stapled. Yes she lost a huge amount of weight and you would not have recognized her. She did find that when the weight was gone , so was the diabetes. So my advise is to go on a healthy diet plan and lose the weight naturally.
 There are plenty of excellent books on all kinds of diets to choose from. Two that come to mind are the paleo diet and the dash diet. The paleo diet is very popular these days and is doing quite well. The dash diet is more for lowering hypertension, but you lose weight in the process. I myself went on the dash diet and along with exercise lost over 50lbs and did not need any blood pressure medication. I feel alot better than I did at 300lbs.

The Catholic Church

 I have met so many people that had total misunderstandings about the Catholic Church I could not believe it. It seems as though someone either lies about the Catholic Faith or they don't know what the church does and why. I can remember a friend at work saying oh they worship statues of saints and Mary. I remember looking at that person and saying who told you that. The usual answer was well our Pastor said or someone in their church said. Well I would just have to correct them and the answer was wow I did not know that.
 I believe that we all need to know the truth about our faith ans the faiths of others. We as human beings need to learn to respect the differences we have and we need to realize how much we all really have in common. So what we need to do is purchase as many books as possible written by for example people in the Catholic Church. If you go outside the faith you will get that incorrect truth and then the bad mouthing will result. I do not believe that is what Jesus would want us to do.
 Now there are many many different books written by Catholic authors that will provide all the truth. Some of the popular names that come to mind are Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Marcus Grodi and CS Lewis. Many of these individuals were in other faiths and became converts to the Catholic Church. If you are looking for a good show to watch I would suggest the Journey Home on EWTN. I would also suggest looking for books on Catholic Apologetics. These books will give the reason why we do certain things and will explain where these things originated from.
 There are many different websites on the internet that will provide excellent information. Just make sure it is a website run by Catholics. One of my favorite websites for Catholic information is called Catholic Answers. One of my favorite things to do is provide correct information on twitter and facebook. I in fact have a facebook page where I post and share things about the Catholic Faith. If you are interested in any books check out the Amazon search below.