Help With Training Dogs

Phothgraph By: Stephanie Wagner
This is Wilson our Golden Retriever
 I have owned three dogs so far and right now we have our golden retriever Wilson. He has the best nature I have ever seen in a dog. When we were looking for a dog we read about various breeds and decided on the golden retrievers. It was the best choice we had made, but our previous dogs were all excellent pets and awesome friends.
 Now as far as training goes I have found that the more love you give them the more they give you back. I once had a friend that said use a rolled up newspaper and swat the dog on the rear or the bridge of the nose when they don't do what they should . I was young and stupid. I tried that once in the beginning with my first dog Sam and he turned around, growled and mad the meanest face. I knew right then and there it was the wrong thing to do. What I did was show all kinds of love and never used anger again. Everything changed and he was one of the best friends I ever had. We went on all kinds of adventures together.
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