The Catholic Church

 I have met so many people that had total misunderstandings about the Catholic Church I could not believe it. It seems as though someone either lies about the Catholic Faith or they don't know what the church does and why. I can remember a friend at work saying oh they worship statues of saints and Mary. I remember looking at that person and saying who told you that. The usual answer was well our Pastor said or someone in their church said. Well I would just have to correct them and the answer was wow I did not know that.
 I believe that we all need to know the truth about our faith ans the faiths of others. We as human beings need to learn to respect the differences we have and we need to realize how much we all really have in common. So what we need to do is purchase as many books as possible written by for example people in the Catholic Church. If you go outside the faith you will get that incorrect truth and then the bad mouthing will result. I do not believe that is what Jesus would want us to do.
 Now there are many many different books written by Catholic authors that will provide all the truth. Some of the popular names that come to mind are Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Marcus Grodi and CS Lewis. Many of these individuals were in other faiths and became converts to the Catholic Church. If you are looking for a good show to watch I would suggest the Journey Home on EWTN. I would also suggest looking for books on Catholic Apologetics. These books will give the reason why we do certain things and will explain where these things originated from.
 There are many different websites on the internet that will provide excellent information. Just make sure it is a website run by Catholics. One of my favorite websites for Catholic information is called Catholic Answers. One of my favorite things to do is provide correct information on twitter and facebook. I in fact have a facebook page where I post and share things about the Catholic Faith. If you are interested in any books check out the Amazon search below.