Learning About The Catholic Church

 This post is actually for anyone interested in learning about the Catholic Church. I have been a Catholic all my life. There was a period of time when I was in the Pentecostal Church for a few years when I was married and then my wife, kids and I were in the Lutheran Church for a few years while my kids were young. I did however make a decision to come back into the Catholic Church. You see I never stopped being Catholic, I was basically on a journey.
 What I have found is that many people really do not know what the Catholic Church is all about. I have met quite a few different people that had total misconceptions of what was going on at Mass or in the Church itself. I have found that people see with their eyes and then come to some conclusion about something. I have known alot of individuals that were told something about the church and I had to correct what they were being told. It is a shame that we as human beings judge one another without knowing the truth. If we all only took the time to learn and respect each other the world would be a much better place.
 My advise is for anyone to purchase a good Catholic Study Bible and start doing to serious learning. I would also purchase a good catechism, which will aid in the learning process. Another excellent source of information is to get books written about the Early Church Fathers. These are men that were directly associated with various Apostles of Jesus Christ. I realized that they were doing what the Apostles taught them and the Apostles were taught by Jesus himself. I would also look for books written by Catholics such as Scott Hahn, Marcus Grodi and Jeff Cavins as well as many others.
 As far as myself I came back to the Catholic Church mainly due to the Eucharist. I had learned what Jesus had actually taught about it. I saw the reaction of the Apostles and that they left because he told them they had to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Yes quite a few of them left, because they could not accept this. You see if he only meant it as a symbol he would have rebuked them and told them so.
 So if you are interested in learning about the Catholic Faith check out the Amazon Ads and Search below.