The Bible

 What is your favorite Bible to read and learn from ? In today's world there are many different denominations and along with that comes many different bibles. You will find that most bibles are essentially the same. The difference between the Catholic Bible and the Protestant Bible is that the Catholic has some books that the protestant bible. If this concerns you then I would advise to look into why one has more books than the other. The next step is to respect each other and learn form each other. This way we learn to love one another and stop the hate that seems to go on.
 Now there are some other bibles that are a little very different. These would be the Mormons Bible and the Jehovah's Witness Bible. You will find that they are somewhat similar in their text with some differences. Once again I would learn about the various faiths and learn what they believe and why. This way if someone comes to your door and asks you a question you will be able to answer them with the kindness we all deserve.
 The next this I would explain is that there are generally two kinds of bibles. One wold be the normal bible for every day reading. The second would be the study bible. The biggest difference is that the study bible may have a dictionary and some other information. If you want to learn about your faith or a friends faith I would look into the study bible.
 There are also plenty of books that will go hand in hand with your bible. I would look into a bible dictionary. I would also look into good concordance, which will contain all kinds of useful information. Just remember that they are written for a particular faith. The excellent book I would look for is the Catholic Catechism . This book will help with your Catholic Faith and Catholic Bible. Also there are plenty of good books written by authors for the various faiths.