What Is A Christian

 I don't know how many times I have heard someone say oh those Catholics are not Christians. They also make that same old remark I don't need religion to be saved. Well if they actually read the entire Bible and not just those parts they like or fit their doctrines, they may be surprised as to what they find. Many different faiths do not want their people reading the whole Bible, because they know that the individual will end up becoming Catholic. I have seen this happen quite a few times over the years.
 I guess no one ever said it was going to be easy to be a Catholic. So what is it that seems to set we Catholics apart from the other faiths. Well some of it is, because they believe in sola scriptura, which essentially means the bible alone. The people do not accept anything unless it is in the bible. The funny part is sola scriptura is not biblical, in other words it is not even in the bible. So I guess it is a tradition, even though they don't believe in traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation.
 Okay back to the subject at hand, what or who is a christian. The dictionary meaning of a christian is "a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings."

 The interesting part to this is that ever since I was a child growing up in the Catholic Church, that is exactly what I was taught. Now there were other things such as the Eucharist or receiving Holy Communion and our beliefs in praying and asking Mary The Mother Of God (Jesus) to pray for us. This is also known as interceding on our behalf. No we do not worship her as we worship God, we just show her honor as she is the mother of Jesus Christ.
 There are many other beliefs that we have that other faiths do not. The interesting part is that all of our beliefs are based on from the Bible. So what is a person to do ? Well my advise is find all the books you can on the Catholic Church and make sure they are written by Catholics. You a problem arises when a Non-Catholic writes a book on the Catholic Church. The problem is that they see it from their eyes and not the actual truth.
 So my advise is as always learn the truth of the Catholic Church and pass it on to others, so they do not fall into the snare of false doctrines.