Is There Really 'No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church?'

 If you want to learn what the Catholic Church believes about salvation click on the link below.

Is There Really 'No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church?' | Catholic Answers

 There are so many groups, faiths and people trying to destroy the Catholic Church it's plain crazy. One of the biggest movements is the born again church and they are forever trying to tear down the Catholic Faith. In fact I can remember certain individuals at one work place always making comment. I remember correcting these people on what they were saying, because it simply wasn't true.
 Sometimes it was due to someone seeing what we Catholics were doing in church and they just misinterpreted what was going on. They always thought we were worshiping Mary the way we worship God. I have had to explain that we did not worship her. No we honored her for being the Mother Of God.
 So my advise is to find books written by Catholics and learn what the Catholic Faith is really about.